There's more to the beginning of the universe than a loud noise

4) Flux: Matter vs. Antimatter

Now, time to clear up that odd talk about quarks that both existed and didn’t exist. From the power left over at the end of inflation, we have established that matter popped into being, but at exactly the same time, so did something called antimatter.

Matter and antimatter are mirror images of each other: both have equal mass, both respond to the same forces, but their charges are reversed. This means that when they collide, they don’t bounce off each other like normal matter would, but they neutralise each other’s charges, and they simply cease to be. It is like when the crest of a wave meets with the trough of another – the one cancels the other out.

When matter and antimatter were colliding at high speeds, they transformed into pure energy. The early universe was in a state of such intensity and heat that this pure energy would turn back into matter and antimatter. And then, those newly created particles would collide, and annihilate, becoming pure energy again, which would again become solid, creating matter and antimatter, which would meet, and….. and so on and so forth. Pure energy, matter and antimatter, and the whole of the plasma soup were sparkling and fluxing in and out of existence.

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