There's more to the beginning of the universe than a loud noise

Why the Weak force should be called the Muto force

Firstly, the weak force isn’t really that weak. It has a very very short range, but so does the strong force, so that isn’t much of a reason. It’s one of the four fundamental forces, and we wouldn’t be here without it, so I don’t see why we are going around belittling it by calling it weak.

Muto was inspired by the Scottish Gaelic word mùthadh, which itself is probably related to the Latin mutatus, which means ‘to change’. This makes sense, as the most important role of the ‘weak’ force is its unique ability to change the flavour of quarks. It is this property that allows our sun to burn. It may even be responsible for the diversity and evolution of life on earth, as random mutations are thought to take place due to neutrinos interacting with the genetic code of lifeforms through this universal force.

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