There's more to the beginning of the universe than a loud noise

6) An Ocean of Light

As sparks fly from fighting swords, the annihilations between matter and antimatter left in their wake an abundance of radiant photons, the messenger particles of light. All the remaining matter bobbed aimlessly in a glowing, growing ocean, which washed the disconnected matter detritus back and forth. Within the plasma it was now fiercely bright, but the photons could not travel far enough to truly shine, because the universe was still a thick fog.
the Protons and Neutrons were stumbling through this fog and were trying to get together, but the photons wouldn’t give them the space they needed. When the Gluons of the Strong Force first tried to get Protons and Neutrons to bond, a photon would come zipping through, and in a flash, send them spinning in different directions. It was only when the photons lost a little bit more energy that some Neutrons and Protons could fuse together. Other Protons were happy to stay single. But they were all still missing something. To be a proper unit, an atom, these new nuclei needed to catch onto an Electron. Alas, the hyperactive photons were now busy jostling about the smaller and more susceptible Electrons, and so no nuclei could hold onto them. Becuase of this, no atoms could be made.

Up to this point, the universe had been incredibly busy and moving very fast. Reality felt it had worked pretty hard and decided it was time to take a well-earned breather. The dense ocean of light stretched on, and it continued for what would have felt like a very, very long time.

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