There's more to the beginning of the universe than a loud noise

Io Te Korekore

Fizzcrackle oroubor
Io Te Korekor’
spun and vibrated and
filled the new space.

Io relaxed into
sighed the new everywhere
particle face

                                                                    Hydrogen Helium
                                                            dived in the sea and curled
                                                                          into a ball.

                                                                    There they lit up
                                                            and sang nucleosynthesis,
                                                              bounced to their sky and
                                                                  engendered us all.

Once, once upon a time, just before the stars shone:

Lucifer is tuning dark
material fandangos
led by scuro angels,
who sing in a trance:

Scoring the abyssal
where only gravitation
can call out the dance.

             So, Io Te Korekore waits.
             And drops down to the cold,
             shedding brittle stuff to left and right.

             Io Te Korekore waits.
             Gliding down the valley as it opens,
             diving out the cloud bank’s cliff of light.

             Io Te Korekore waits,
             cooling, dropping, warming, bouncing
             upwards through a spray of metal flakes,

             stepping on a rough tectonic bubble
             Io Te Korekore waits,
             spinning cool bees and snakes.

             Flying on a playground swing,
             hair unstreaming climbing up the hill
             slow-slowing to the top, there
             Io Te Korekore returning waits.

By Norman Gray

Io Te Korekore is a mystical creator god from Maori Mythology. Read more about him here.