There's more to the beginning of the universe than a loud noise

The Crash of the Bumblebee

She set out one day with a pack on her back,
an intrepid young bumblebee,
in search of a snack.

Flying through the night, she was a buzzing yellow speck,
in the darkness of space,
for a long time she trecked.

At last, from the horizon, a flower slowly grew,
and glowed, and glistened,
– a golden jewel.

“But its a little off my path”, the bumblebee thought,
“there’ll be another one soon,
I’ll just carry on.”

It turned out to be, that too-busy bee was wrong,
the flower was rare,
so for a year she carried on,

For a year! through the night, past the day, along she buzzed,
until her flight drew a circle,
and once again, there the flower was.

“I shall not miss it now! Oh its fragrances smell sweet,
I’ve journeyed for so long,
I’ve earnt this special treat”

She made a beeline for it, at top speed, in full haste,
and forgot that for the landing,
she’d need to apply the brakes.

Flumf! Sploosh! It was a dramatic collision;
coloured petals sprayed outwards,
and she disappeared inwards.

She emerged on the far side, a dizzy spinning mess,
The young flower was destroyed;
the bee’s backpack was amiss.

With no honey, no ambition, and feeling quite rough,
A lonely journey came to end,
with a race into love.

From a distance she saw how the flower had been torn,
with a sadness she watched,
and froze into stone.

After several summers past, the flower regrew,
it was bigger, it was stronger,
it felt brand new

But there was a strange feeling, a memory; something changed.
when it looked up it was amazed;
a quartz stone, in the sky.

At night the flower opened now, there were waking dreams to be made,
A soft light descended,
and the flower she did say;

“My friend! My companion! My anchor up above!
The colours of my day can thrive,
As at night, I have someone to love!”

Written by Josh Coppersmith Heaven