There's more to the beginning of the universe than a loud noise

Gee, Alek and Zee

Once Upon a Time…
In the deepest darkest distance…
At the far end of nowhere…
There lived three galactic brothers

Big Brother Gee, Middle Brother Alek
And Little Baby Zee


One day Alek said to Gee “Bro we must get out of here
And find our fortune in a place more sublime.
Gee said “There’s no rush Alek, take one thing at a time.
It’s little Baby Zee for whom I fear”

But Baby Zee was carefree, the universe wasn’t scary,
though there were many trials Zee hadn’t been through.
“Yo, I’m ready guys, Let’s go exploring
You’re not kidding, life around here is kinda boring.”

A knowing look passed to Alek from Gee’s eyes
They knew without leaving that they never would survive.
So off the brothers set on one sunny moonlit day
They packed up all their dust clouds and struck out on their way.

After missioning through space, the brothers arrived at a homely place
The locals they were friendly and they were slow
The way of life was easy, they learned to go with the flow
Cue an old galaxy with a friendly face:

“You boys are so sweet, it’s great to have you here
We need young ones like you three around
But I’ve been thrice around the block, and my advice is sound
I sometimes feel this place is set to disappear”

What should they make of this?
Alex was quick to dismiss
And Baby Zee saw a sadness in her eyes
But what Gee said next came as a big surprise…

“Brothers I’ve got some news, I’m going to settle down,
This is the sort of place I can unwind.
You two should stick around, drink some tea, pass the time”
Zee was worried, Alek wore a mighty frown:

“So much for three Musketeers! This place is kinda queer
A backwards, inbred, washed-out sleepy hole.
That old woman was nuts, I don’t care what she said to us
But I need more action, more get up and go!

You coming with me, Huh, Little Baby Zee?
Though I have to say in recent days you’ve grown
You’re less like a baby now, and more like a little boy
Lets go find a place that you can really own.”

Gee said “Its safe here, say with me”, but Little Zee knew what to do,
He sensed this cosmic spot’s glow was set to fade
“Goodbye brother Gee, I hope you’re happy as can be”
He set off with Alek, to find a brighter day.


For a light year and a day they made their milky way
Through starry villages and hamlets, none would do
Alex wasn’t satisfied with anywhere that passed his eyes
Til one day they arrived at Star Zone 2.

Alek’s eyes popped out with glee, this was the place to be
A teeming metropolis of light…
Lots of bustle, zest and glow, the kinda folk you want to know
Having fun that went on, right on through the night.

Alek really made it big, this city was his fix
While Zee got pushed around, scammed and tricked
He had to grow up quick, he had to hone his wit
One day he decided he would have to split.

“Alek man, I’m leaving, this place is far too heaving
With desperate competetion to make it big,
This scene is set to bust, I really cannot trust
That staying here I’ve anything to gain”

By then, Alek boy was bloated, His stocks and shares he’d floated
He was looking for a really big return
Fond of every pleasure, and every kind of treasure
He was loaded, with resources left to burn.

He said “Zee you are a fool, Star Zone 2 is much to cool
It’s growing quick, it’s gonna grow and grow”.
But Zee foresaw a backlash, and he’d almost run out of cash,
So that very night, he packed his bags to go.


Our galaxy was on the road, his starry soul still on the go,
He’d find a home that suited well his needs.
As he journeyed on his own, still looking for a home
He heard the universe whisper “You’ll succeed.”

He glimpsed his destiny that day, he’d become our Milky Way
In a thriving galaxy-community he’d dance.
Not too busy, not too quiet, the sort of place he’d like to try out
Giving life on Earth a one in a gazillion chance.

By Liam Hurley